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Okay. A few weeks ago, I did a blog about “Fifty Shades of Grey” and all the “buzz” associated with it, but I am by no means an expert on the subject.

I write erotic fiction, as well as romantic, fantasy and paranormal fiction…and I have a regular “day job” that is completely separate from my “Author alter ego”.

There are however, those in my “daytime life” who know I write erotica so, of course, they assume I know all about “50 Shades.”  (Go figure!)  They have questions about the book, how it was associated with the “Twilight” Series, etc…and the most confusing thing to them is the concept of “Fan Fiction.”

I mean, seriously—the easiest way to explain FanFic to someone who has never heard of it, is to show it to them and let them read it… at their own peril, of course.  🙂

It had been years…

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Passionate Reads

The little planet Mercury went retrograde July 15th and, so far, it’s been one of the most chaotic I’ve seen in years! The very first day I had three calls from people whose computers or I-Pads crashed and one book review site went down completely.

If you’re not familiar with this astrological term, please refer to the explanation on my site – However, one aspect that I have not covered before is how does this aspect affect one’s sex life?

Mercury is most commonly associated with f*#k-ups in the areas of technology and transportation, but it also rules communication. What one person says can be very different from what another person hears.

Her subtle “Do me” request may be heard as “Do me a favor and sleep in the other room tonight so I don’t have to listen to you snore.”

His simple “I’m beat” comes across as…

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Passionate Reads

…and NOT in a good way!  LOL

Been having computer problems and shopping for a new laptop. Had to do a system recovery just to post this…a day late!

What I really wanted to do was give everyone a little hot summer “Eye Candy” and then remind everyone about the new multi-author series, “Passion’s Portal” that launched this month from Ellora’s Cave.

The first title, “Serving Nicole” by Marilyn Campbell, was released on July 3rd and more titles, from four other others including “moi” will follow soon.

In the meantime, we have a brand new interative WEBSITE for the series they you can check out.

It has lots of funs stuff like interviews with the authors, character blogs, interactive games and even its own “Book of Shadows” that ties in to the the series.




Now, about that “Eye Candy”… Enjoy!









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Passionate Reads

Passionate Reads is delighted to welcome  today’s special guest blogger– author, RUBY DUVAL!

Remember…Read us! Like us! Make a comment! Tweet us and send us to your Facebook friends!

Real life can get weird (and gross and sad), and history is a treasure trove of supremely strange shenanigans. Having done my share (and then some) of research for my time-travel historical Stay With Me as well as my work-in-progress, I’ve come across some doozies.

An example: John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich was likely the one who started the trend of eating meat between two slices of bread–the eponymous sandwich! (This is debatable, but that’s not the weird part.) While his wife’s health suffered, he took on a mistress named Martha Ray with whom he fathered several children. She was a beautiful and very popular opera singer and he adored her, but she also had a crazy…

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Passionate Reads

So. I’ve spent the past month packing, moving, unpacking, reorganizing and just trying to get a handle on the chaos that seems to be my life right now. Add to that practically non-existent internet service and not only is the creative process for WiP’s seriously stalled, but even keeping up my blogging schedule is a nearly impossible.

I am 1 of 3 published authors in a long standing critique group. All 3 of us have moved in the last 30 days and are stuck in various phases of transition. Not sure how we managed that, but it is what it is…

A stage of Limbo that vacillates between heaven and hell depending on how the wind blows.

None of us are actually “homeless”, and there is a master plan, but we are all in temporary arrangements until we get into our “permanent digs”.

I have a cousin who volunteered to…

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Magic Mike to the Rescue!

Magic Mike to the Rescue!.

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Who’s Yer Daddy?

Who’s Yer Daddy?.

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